Nike+ Intel is aimed to bring a new age of analysis to coaches, players and teams of all sports. The system is comprised of a flyknit wearable that is minimal, sleek and non intrusive to everyday players. 

The Nike+ Intel Band contains GPS and Bluetooth technology, which syncs with your smart device and connects to the Nike+ Intel app. The player wears this band, much like a captains band, which then tracks that players movement, speed, and location in games which can then be replayed using the Nike+ Replay system.


 Nike+ Replay is a system which allows you to have a birds eye, analytical view of the game where you can see how a play develops in real time. You can then archive these individual and team performances which then can be replayed at a later time.

I used research from soccer teams on the professional and high school level to guide my UI/UX and visual design decisions. This is still a work in progress,more information coming soon.