My name is Tim Predzimirski and I am from Woodbury, CT. I'm a graduate of  Rhode Island School of Design ( RISD ) with a BFA in Industrial Design. I've grown up with an appreciation for art and transitioned into the world of design as I went into college. I love constantly challenging myself to step out  from my comfort zone and learn new processes & ways to approach situations.  I alway try to apply perspective to my work, as I feel it is the most important quality and one that I value.  The ability to take a step back and critically look at a situation  is something that I've found to be extremely valuable in my life and my design work. 

Quick Facts

  • I am a huge science fiction buff and love anything to do with space 
  • I've played Soccer for 15 years of my life.
  • I lived in Rome for 5 months and traveled around Europe for RISD's European Honors Program.
  • I've played Piano for 10 years and love anything to do with keys, synths and effects. 



Email:  tpredzim@alumni.risd.edu

Phone: 203-206-4925